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Respect Wisdom

So you people should learn how to use your freedom by giving it to somebody you trust in, somebody you can trust in not just because you like him, but because in your heart, he is trustworthy. I may not like to listen to him, but I should listen to him – like I don’t want to stop when the policeman puts up his hand – every car owner is rebellious. But if I don’t, I can run into an accident. So we must develop respect for authority, respect for guidance, respect for the wise, respect for the old, because they have passed though everything we have passed through

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We should never come to a hasty conclusion without due consideration and trial through the help of reason and experience. When we are finally convinced of the merits of the thing, we may stick to it with faith and constancy. Faith thus reposed shall be genuine and lasting, while faith promoted by inducement offered by outwardly attractive features and display of petty materialistic achievements is no faith at all

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You can say that even love has an evolutionary course to run, and this should apply not only between the master and his disciples but even in our own personal relationships: between husband and wife, between father and son, between brother and brother. Because without sacrifice at every stage of our association – it may be a small sacrifice, it may be the ultimate sacrifice of life – true love is not expressed.

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There can be no love without duties and responsibilities and no duty where there is no love. According to  my Master , love and duty are but two sides of the same coin. Wherever they are split apart, and love alone exists without the sense of duty to the beloved, there are always unhappy and sometimes disastrous consequences. Where there is only duty without love, that could as well be done by a machine