The fewer the desires, the lesser shall be our miseries. But to become desireless is another problem. Desires form a network which we are entangled in. The more we try to get rid of it, the tighter become the fibres of the net. The only way to free ourselves from the entanglements is to divert our attention from them and fix our eyes on the very Real thing. If we cultivate a habit of remaining unmindful of them, they will soon begin to disappear from our view, and consequently our miseries will be minimised.

Fear Vs Respect

Long time ago very cruel king name Virat Singh was ruling the city of Vijay Nagar. All citizens were fearful because of his cruelty.

Virat has a dog named Jack, which he used to love more than anything, one fateful morning Jack died. Virat Singh organized last rituals for dog; entire city came to cremation ground. Virat Singh was very happy to see that people love him so much and he felt he is the most popular king in the world. After few days Virat Singh died, but no one came for his funerals.


Respect is something you have to earn, you cannot force it on others to respect you. There is a thin line between Fear and Respect, every one of us should understand it and do necessary corrections in our personalities

Firm Will

Generally people go hesitatingly towards God, thinking themselves to be too incapable and weak to achieve the real thing. A powerful will, made at the very first step and maintained all through, shall never fail to achieve complete success. Half the distance is crossed if a man enters the field with a firm mind. Difficulties and dejections will melt away at a mere glance, and the path of success will be made smooth. Indecisive attitude leads to half-hearted efforts and generally results in mere partial success or, more often, in failure. Our firm will enables us automatically to draw in power from unknown sources for the accomplishment of the task.


So the first obstacle that we have to overcome when we start practising yoga is this idea that it is difficult. There is nothing difficult about it. As Master said once in Denmark very humorously, “The difficult thing about this is that there is no difficulty. That is the difficulty.” So when we remove this idea of difficulty from our minds, we overcome perhaps the biggest obstacle that we set ourselves, or set before us, that is, the feeling that it is difficult.