In Sanskrit, from which the word guru comes, guru only means one who is great, and his greatness is in a particular sphere, as there are great people in other spheres: doctors of philosophy, doctors of medicine, and so on. In a very definite sense, a guru is a doctor of the inside. When I say ‘the inside’, I don’t just mean the inside of the body, I mean the inside of the inside! Because if the doctor is the doctor of our body, a capable guru is the doctor of the soul

Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake Up?

Dreams are a way of nature that tell us what we want from our inner core.

What keeps going in our sub conscious mind is what comes in our dreams.

Again, there are happy dreams and those with screams.

Most of the times we fail to remember them.

But what we Dream with Open Eyes is something else.

Those are the dreams that we can truly realize in our life.

Go ahead… work on them.

No castles would ever have been made unless someone had dreamed of making them.

Dream, even sky is not the limit… So, Dream high…

Make achieving your dream your aim in life.

Keep your eyes on your aim and move ahead…

All The Best…. I know you CAN do it!!!

Physical form

We always try to see God in some abstruse, abstract way, not realising that most often, or perhaps always, God presents himself to us only in a form in which we can recognize Him. That is the human form. So when Masters come to us, it is the Almighty Himself who comes to us. It is in a form which we can recognize, in a form which we can learn to love, from which we can receive our teachings. So, that is another great function of Masters when they come to us in their physical form.

Laden with Dust

My Master, said that God would not have made man and woman without a purpose. Therefore, suppression of natural instinct (abstinence) is not encouraged . We have to regulate it with love and concern for others so that any guilt feeling is avoided. It is the feeling of guilt that becomes samskara. So, instead of ruminating over samskaras, we should develop constant remembrance of Master. Remembrance cannot be put away when we think or do things in the physical or material spheres. Master does not want us to go to Him as penitents laden with guilt. If we go to Him as children laden with dust, it shall be His responsibility to wash us clean.