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Our desires are to a great extent the cause of miseries. So we pray to God to bestow upon us the state of desirelessness, or freedom from wishes. It is almost certain that unless it is achieved, we can never acquire a balanced state of mind. Desirelessness means we stop further formation of samskaras. What remains then is only to undergo the effect of the previous samskaras, which when exhausted lead us to the level of liberation

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Going Home

The first and almost immediate effect of the transmission is to give peace and calmness which can hardly be expressed in words. This experience in meditation helps to gently remind us of the source to which we must return, and repeated experience strengthens the remembrance of our original home and so loosens the bondage of the present life. As the transmission takes us to deeper and deeper levels of remembrance, our journey to the source becomes firmly established

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Surrender – Freedom


When a mother sits by her sick child all night, does she say, “I surrendered my sleep. I did not eat; I sacrificed my dinner”? It is natural. So, the natural state of love is to surrender.


Mahatma Gandhi is said to have once remarked, “The way to freedom lies through jail!” If we take this world to be a prison-house, the above saying fits in quite appropriately in the spiritual sense also. In utter despair people often wish for an end to life. But in my opinion it shall be far better under such circumstances to pray to God to bestow a life which might be parallel to death.


Pain – The Law of Life


The only thing we can talk sensibly about is pain, because everybody has pain, everybody understands pain. It is not something exclusively for the rich or for the healthy or for the intellectual. Pain is the common denominator of the human being, of humanity

The Law of Life

The law of life says that the wise must help the not so wise; the strong must help the weak; the rich must help the poor; the advanced must help those who are lagging behind on the path