Guilt & Satsangh

Do the cleaning better, forget the feeling of guilt, and deposit even that feeling with the Master. And then take the next, very important but more difficult step of changing your way of life so that in the future there should be no guilt

Many people ask, “What is the meaning of satsangh?” Satsangh does not mean sitting together, because even one person can be in satsangh. In Sanskrit, ‘sat’ means the truth, and He is the truth. God is the truth. That’s what Christ meant when he said, “I am the way and the light and the truth.” And sangha means ‘to be together with.’ So whenever we meditate, even alone, it is satsangh. And when five hundred people sit, or ten thousand people sit, it can be satsangh only when each one of us is in touch with the truth, the reality of the Ultimate

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