Birth of Lord Muruga

In every yuga, there are one or two Gods/Archetypes that are powerful. Lord Muruga is the God who is currently powerful, and he is the God ushering in the new Golden Age. His main role is to diffuse bad karma, whether it is money, health, or relationships. Muruga’s birthday is coming up, and this year it falls on May 21st (IST).

The birthdays of archetypes are special, as the archetype is close to the Earth on that day. This provides you with an opportunity to establish a heart connection with the deity. A heart connection with Lord Muruga means Muruga is alive for you, and he can help you in tangible and practical ways.

Muruga’s Birthday

Muruga was created to save the world from powerful dark forces that threatened to enslave it and were impossible for anyone to defeat. On his birthday, Muruga’s energy is available for you to call into your life to destroy the negative influences that are stopping you. Evil eye, curses, and other dark pressures manifesting as confusion, depression, and illnesses are driven out. Muruga’s light gives you clear thinking, courage, strength, and self-confidence. He empowers you with a winner’s consciousness, especially in your profession.

Birth of Muruga

When the Gods came to Shiva to rescue them from the harassment of the demon Surapadman, Shiva opened his third eye and emitted six sparks of fire. The six sparks turned into six divine male children cradled by the lotus flowers of the lake. They were nursed by the six Karthikai maidens. As such, Lord Muruga came to be known as Karthikeya. These six children were embraced by the divine mother, Goddess Parvati, and the children coalesced to become a single child with six heads and twelve hands and came to be known as Shanmuga. Shanmuga (Lord Muruga) is the incarnation of pure consciousness and divine knowledge. The six heads of Karthikeya represent his six attributes. They are: Jnana (wisdom), Vairagya (detachment), Bala (strength), Keerti (fame), Shree (wealth), and Aishwarya (divine powers).

The six faces of Lord Muruga do the following functions:

Face 1: Sheds rays of light and removes the darkness that shrouds the world.

Face 2: With the gracious look showers boon on his devotees who praise him with love and joy.

Face 3: Watches over the sacrifices of the Brahmins who perform the Vedic rites without deviating from the tradition.

Face 4: Like a Full Moon, brightens all the quarters of the world and also lights the minds of the sages, thus enabling them to search for hidden truth.

Face 5: Depicts the raging heart – performs battles and sacrifices and destroys evils.

Face 6: Smiles lovingly on his young consort, the pretty daughter of the hunting tribe.

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