Muruga – The Lord of Kundalini

Lord Shiva is the Archetype of Supreme Consciousness and Intelligence, and if there is one God who became Guru of Lord Shiva, it is Muruga. Worship of Shiva is considered incomplete if it is not followed by Muruga veneration. Muruga, also known as Kanda, Subramanya, and Karthikeya, was divinely created by Shiva to protect the Gods from the cruelty of the demon Surapadman. Shiva created a powerful divine personality with unparalleled courage and wisdom. Muruga is the Lord of Kundalini and guides his devotees to attain perfection in life.

How Muruga became the Guru of Shiva

During one of his visits to Kailasa, Brahma wanted to disparage Lord Muruga. Muruga realized it and decided to teach him a lesson. He asked Brahma the meaning of Pranava. When Brahma could not satisfactorily answer, Muruga got angry and imprisoned Brahma. Muruga concluded that Brahma is not capable of being called the creator, and he assumed the role himself. Only after Shiva, Vishnu, and Indra prayed to him was Brahma freed. Muruga then became a teacher to his father and taught him the essence of Pranava.

Muruga’s Lance or Vel

Muruga’s Vel is a symbolic representation of power and higher intelligence. The Vel was given to him by his mother, Goddess Parvati, to fight against injustice. Muruga with his lance destroys bad karma, ignorance, negativity, and diseases. According to the classic Tamil Saint Arunagirinathar, “Vinai Oda Vidum Kadirvel Maraven,” which literally means, “The luminous lance which drives out our bonds of karma,” the lance also blesses you with infinite intelligence.

The peacock is Muruga’s vehicle, which represents the greatest mantra, OM, and the rooster that sits on his flag drives away evil spirits. Great sages like Agasthiar worshipped him and secured his grace. The saint also mastered the six-syllable Mantra of Muruga.

SA – Gives you the pleasing quality to attract everybody

RA – Gives the opportunity to enjoy prosperity

VA – Dissolves your physical discomforts and debts

NA – Resolves your problems through enemies

BA – Brings happiness in life

VA – Destroys evil and negative forces

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