A young boy of 7 years old came to Ramana Maharshi and asked him, “Can you explain to me what is meditation?Whenever I ask my parents they tell me that I need not bother about it now.”I will come to know when I grow up.”

Ramana said,” I shall tell you, but you sit quietly by my side.”

A little later someone brought a carrier full of Dosa ( a preparation of rice and lentils-something like a pancake) and placed it before Ramana who would not eat anything unless equal quantities are distributed to all the people present. Ramana took a small piece himself, gave one full Dosa to the boy by his side in a leaf and ordered the rest to be distributed to the devotees present.

He told the boy,” Look here,till i raise my finger and say “Hoon” you will go on eating and you should not finish it before I give the signal. The moment I give the signal hoon no portion of the Dosa should remain and you should stop eating.

The boy was looking with concentration on Ramana for the signal and was eating in big pieces first and later in small bits. Suddenly the expected signal came. The boy put the entire balance Dosa in the mouth and stopped eating. Ramana then said,”what you now did is the process of meditation.You were looking at me all the time but were eating the Dosa. Similarly keep your mind one pointed on God but continue with your normal duties.”

Let your normal activities like walking,eating,talking etc., go on but your mind should be concentrated on God all the time. That is Meditation.

Here God is not just some external force.He is right within us

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