Where does this beauty lie

Rabindranath Tagore was sitting in his boat house during a full moon day and reading a book which spoke about beauty. Where does this beauty lie – whether it is in the object outside, or in the eyes of the beholder or in the heart. He was seriously thinking about it and ultimately became tired and closed the book and put off the lamp. The moment the lamp was put off, instead of darkness, there was more light in that room than before. When the lamp was put off, immediately the bright light from the moon had entered that room from the door and Windows. Tagore thought, I was searching for this beauty from this book when it was available right there in the sky. Tagore noted down in his diary that ” I was surrounded by beauty  but the small lamp was stopping the light from the full moon from entering the room”. We have many such small lamps like ego, selfishness, individuality etc which are actually stopping the full moon light always glowing within us. The moment we put off these small lamps, we will be engulfed by the light from within.

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