Spirituality is a very easy thing, and its achievement does not take much time. One should only increase faith and devotion. And devotion is generated by remembering again and again

The next phase of devotion now comes in, which cautions him [the abhyasi] against the repetition of the wrong. It appears in the form of repeated prayers to the great Master for granting him a state of contentment to serve as a safeguard against repetition. As we have entered the sphere in the capacity of a supplicant, it becomes incumbent upon us to abide by the rules of duty, avoiding everything that is forbidden by the laws of Nature.

If we get a good guide who pulls out the inner poison, then the nectar alone remains. By self-effort, people sometimes do proceed up to some distant limit as well, but definitely they take a very long time and the danger of being caught within the whirls persists throughout

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