I asked how to develop sensitivity. Master said, ”Develop awareness. Always try to be alert to what is happening, and sensitivity will develop. Many people meditate, but I am sorry to say many of them don’t know what is going on in the system during meditation. Why is this? Because they do not watch for what is going on. One has to be alert to the transmission and its action on the system. Then the real joy of meditation begins.”

Now, as far as the evolution beyond the human life is concerned, science has no answer, of course; but spirituality says, and our Master has also said, that once the human evolves into the next stage, then again evolution is automatic

Space and time have no meaning for a master of calibre. But for us abhyasis it is necessary to be in the Master’s presence as often as possible because we have to develop what Babuji has said is most important – love for the Master. You cannot love someone whom you have never seen, of whom you know nothing, of whom you have heard nothing, because love requires a focus, and for that focus, at least one meeting with the Master is necessary

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