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சிந்திக்க சிறகடிக்க

Needs and Wants

Needs are legitimate, and man can legitimately expect such needs to be satisfied. Wants, on the other hand, are creations of man from his knowledge of the external world. Needs arise from inside, whereas wants arise from outside. If needs were all that are to be fulfilled, people and governments would have a very easy time doing so. But it is precisely the ever-increasing wants of today’s society and individuals that are found to be difficult and often well-nigh impossible of satisfaction.

Silk Thread

It is only in a spiritual family that we can have love united with discipline; where we can have love with arguments; where we can have love with differences between ourselves; where we can have love uniting people of many races, many tongues, many professions, because there is the silk thread of love that runs through us and holds us together!

Reward of Work

Every piece of work undertaken and successfully completed endows us with the ability and power to go up to the next higher level of work. Is this not a reward? Why, then, are we universally blind to this? It is because we have conditioned ourselves to thinking that reward must come from outside ourselves.


It is love that begot us; love nurtured us through the initial years of our life; love strengthened and fortified us as we grew into adulthood; love makes life possible thereafter, and brings into our life a flowering and fragrance that warms our heart and cherishes us and fortifies us to face life to its very end. Every one of us participates in this divine play of love.


Children are wonderful agents for family harmony, peace and blessedness. Children bring light and laughter, two essential ingredients for happiness, into our lives. They represent the future, not merely of the family into which they are born, but of the human race as a whole. In contributing to their growth and development, we therefore participate in a very definite manner in molding the future of the human race.

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