What is a Corporate Life?

1. I learnt to operate 3 critical machines

* Scanner
* Printer
* Xerox Machine

2. I learnt to use 3 High End Software:

* Microsoft Word
* Microsoft Excel
* Microsoft PowerPoint

3. I learnt to use 3 great short cuts:-

* Ctrl+C
* Ctrl+V
* Ctrl+S

4. I learnt to say three very important words for professional life:-

* Yes sir
* Ok sir.
* I’ll Just Do That sir

5. When I really wanted to quit, I learnt to: -

* Wake Up early
* Sleep late
* Continue to Work

6. I learnt to: -

* Face Monday
* Fight For next 5 Days
* Wait For Sunday

7. I learnt to give reasons to family, friends and relatives for not making

* Phone Calls
* Messages
* Mails

8. I learnt to celebrate these things far away from loved ones:-

* Birthday
* New Year
* Festivals

9. At the end, People say:-

* You Learnt…
* You Earned…
* You Enjoyed…

10. But when I compare me with my self…

* I just Sustained…
* I just Tolerated…
* I just Survived… for bucks

11. I have survived:-

* For convenience of my Family…
* To avoid blame of Society…
* To get tag of Employment…

Dedicated to all employees

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