Self-surrender is nothing but a state of complete resignation to the will of the Master, with total disregard of self. A permanent stay in this condition leads to the beginning of the state of negation. When we surrender ourselves to the great Master, we begin to attract a constant flow of highest divine force from Him. In this state, a man thinks or does only that which his Master’s will ordains.

The Seed:

In our sanstha [system], reality is infused at the first stroke of will, which serves as the seed in the long run. The process is generally set in by one’s Master so that the seed may grow easily and scorching winds may not burn it up. The disciple waters it by constant remembrance, which is the only thing needed on the path of realisation.


We do not properly understand what effect our activities in the world produce upon the atmosphere of the Godly region. When joined with the inner feelings of the heart, our activities create impressions in the cosmos and they affect the human mind. They grow more and more powerful by the action of the cosmic energy, and the hearts of the people, when hit by them, take in their effect and begin to produce thoughts and more thoughts. In this way we have been spoiling the cosmos ever since our birth. That is the reason why we are never without a thought, even for a moment

Divine Light:

You know, in the olden days, there used to be a custom that when some members of the family were out of the house, they used to leave a candle burning in one of the windows so that should the boy or the girl return late at night, the light would be available to show them the way and beckon them on with love.

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