Domestic Troubles – Liberation


Domestic Troubles

Referring to domestic troubles and miseries of a worldly life, my Master used to say, “Our home is the training ground of patience and endurance. To endure calmly the adversities of a household life is for us the greatest penance, which is the noblest of all other forms of penances. What we have therefore to do under the circumstances is not to give way to the feeling of anger or grief, but to assume an unquestioning attitude, thinking that we ourselves are in the wrong, for which we have to forbear with a cool mind.”


The effect of samskaras (Impressions) is the commencement of feelings of comforts, miseries, joys and sorrows. Our likings for joys and comforts and our dislikings for sorrows and miseries have created further complications. We generally find ourselves surrounded with pain and misery, and we think that deliverance from them is our main goal. This is a very narrow view of the problem. … The problem before us is not mere deliverance from pain and misery but freedom from bondage, which is the ultimate cause of pain and misery. Freedom from bondage is liberation.

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