Spiritual Practice – Nature’s Help


Spiritual Practice

Sadhana (spiritual practice) has two aspects: one, the abhyas (one’s own practice); and the other the Master’s help. Abhyas is meant only for creating inner conditions which will be helpful to the abhyasi (aspirant) in attracting the flow of the divine grace, and this involves one’s self-effort. But self-effort alone is not sufficient. It must be supplemented by the Master’s support.

Nature’s Help

There seems to be a mysterious force or law working in the universe, which ordains that where a sincere seeker exists, Nature so modifies the condition of his personal existence as to make him a sort of magnet, which inevitably attracts to him persons and events which will play a significant and active role in the furtherance of his search. As his personal search deepens, the law works, and more and more in his favor, strengthening the forces of attraction towards himself, finally, at a certain stage, bringing to his very door a guide who can then take charge of him and assume responsibility for his further progress on the inward path.

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