Infinite Ocean – Grown Up

Infinite Ocean

The thought of people generally does not go beyond the point of liberation, which they take to be the final limit of human approach. But that is a wrong idea. As a matter of fact, liberation is one of the lowest attainments on the divine path; hence it is just like a toy for a child to play with. Beyond that there is yet a lot to be achieved. The infinite ocean lies still ahead, which is but a limitless expanse. Have your eyes fixed upon That and That alone, and go on and on to trace It out.

Grown Up

Children have to be given their freedom to do what they want with their lives. They are grown up and have their own lives to live. You have your place in life, and I feel that it is a son’s duty to be with the aged parents when they need him most. It is of course a decision that you will have to take for yourself, by yourself.

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