The Present – Restlessness

The Present

A person’s past may have been anything. What is he now? This is the most important thing. But we, most of us, rarely ask this question because we are predominantly worried only about the past antecedents. Thus, we miss the real person and see only a tangled and superficial web of trivialities enclosing the individual like a fly in a spider’s web…. Living in the present unites us, while living in the past can tend to separate person from person and, as history records for us, even nation from nation


I asked Master why this intense restlessness should be there when we come to him. Master said, “It is a good sign. Restlessness is good. It indicates inner craving for the goal. Really speaking, in an advanced abhyasi, the restlessness is always there but submerged. Now when you think of coming to me, the longing begins to develop and the longing becomes restlessness until the desired goal is reached. So this restlessness comes into the experience

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