Universal Love – Life

Universal Love

Love, when it is personalized towards oneself, becomes selfish, love of the self for the sake of the self. When this is thrown outward, it becomes universal love, where we can love each other with a pure, impartial love; there is no partiality in it. I cannot serve somebody because he belongs to my community or to my village or to my nation. A human being is a human being wherever he may be born, and by virtue of being a human being, he or she is my brother or sister.


God has created the world so that every flower may grow in its right standard. But the lashes of time have made it to forget the purpose of God. So, some feel the life as the purpose of enjoyment, others feel the life monotonous. But the question is: What is life? It is a state of being which should remain permanently, as long as we live, thoroughly in contact with the Being, smelling at each step the fragrance of the Being.

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