Keep Smiling

Who are lizards?
Awesome answer
by a kid….
They are
those poor crocodiles who forgot to have
Horlicks when they were young
What is a Pizza..?
Awesome answer:
A Pizza.. is just a ooththappa that went
for higher education

What’s the best example of “once in a
lifetime opportunity?
A mosquito sitting on your wife’s face.:

A little boy was in a bus
eating a chocolate, then he took another one and then another …


A man next to him said,
“Do you know that too much of it will damage your teeth??”

The boy replied,
“My grandfather lived for 132 years”
The man asked ,
“Was it because of eating chocolate?”

The boy replied,
No, he was always minding his own business!


Son: Dad there’s a small get together at school tomorrow !!!
Father: small get together.? small
Son: only me…you…and principal …


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