Balancing Material and Spiritual Lives

Contrary to the popular myth, it is not at all necessary to neglect our physical and material existence to succeed on the spiritual path. All that we seek to do is to normalize each of our functions without atrophy of any of them.

Master says, “If the material life is leading us astray and away from our goal, then obviously it is our fault in not living the material life in the appropriate fashion. So all that we have to do to get back on to our path is to restore the proper “balance” to our life, whereby the two halves of existence are harmonized and in equilibrium.”

Asceticism is as wrong, and as unnatural, as a totally materialistic way of life is. We are unsafe even from our neighbors in today’s situation and under today’s fantastic technological advances. This is one of the chief reasons why we should strive to attain inner balance, inner perfection, and inner morality.

Education is a tool. Without education we can do very little. But education must be balanced by inner tendencies, which must show us how this vital tool should be utilized. Intellect is a tool. Physical capacities too are tools. Like a carpenter, who uses his tools like a chisel, hammer, and a drill expertly towards a certain end, we too must use tools at our disposal to attain perfection. That is what we call striking a balance.

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