Chitra Pournami

The full moon in Chitra: A full moon is considered auspicious in many religions because of its effects on the attitude of people. Full moon is said to promote creativity and positive sentiments. Sentiments are said to ride on higher waves of consciousness leading to abundance of positive energy and higher consciousness.

An exalted Sun in Aries: The solar calendar begins with an exalted Sun in Aries, a favorable position in the sky that can provide the most benefic results to Earth. So it is a mighty Sun, fully empowered to bring about its good effects.

The Day of Chitragupta: In Hinduism, Chitragupta is the assistant of lord Yama. He is the record keeper of good and bad deeds or karmas of human beings on earth. It is believed that when a person dies, Chitragupta immediately makes a thorough check of the list of bad and good karmas of the person and passes the message to Lord Yama for final decision on the soul of the person.

The name Chitra gupta also signifies the hidden (gupta) pictures (Chitra) of deeds of every human on earth. On this day, when the Sun and Moon create powerful energy around earth plane, the effect on humans are said to be profound. The concept of Chitragupta being vigil on the activities of humans on Earth is to tell humans on Earth not to commit any sin, especially on such an auspicious day. This will help in preserving goodness of mind and good will in the hearts of people by urging them to commit to good actions only.

Legend of Chitragupta: Once lord Indra and his teacher Brihaspati had an argument and Indra ignored his teacher’s advice. Thereafter, Brihaspati became reticent and refrained from advising Indra. Indra began to commit many mistakes. After his long absence, Brihaspati returned and asked Indra to make a pilgrimage to Earth to lessen the burden of his sins. After coming to Earth, he realized that he had been redeemed of his sins and thought Lord Shiva to have absolved him of bad karmas. Indra found a Shiva linga and began to pray with a golden lotus on the day of Chitra Pournami.

Worshipping Chitragupta: Special puja is arranged in temples on this day such as the Chitragupta temple in Kanchipuram, Airavateshwarar temple in Darasuram, Chandra Mouliswar temple in Thiruvakkarai and others.

When you pray to God for the purpose of dissolving your past sins with sincerity and devotion, your prayers will be answered. With your prayer to the higher energy, you also resolve not to commit acts which are considered as sins in our society. Thus your urge and willingness to cleanse your Karmas which stand as obstruction in your way for fulfillment of your desires take you closer to God, to seek blessings for being forgiven.

Therefore, people usually enjoy a highly positive mental energy during this time. This day is dedicated to Chitra Gupta, the official book keeper of Yama (the god of death). Prayers and customary worship are offered to Chitra Gupta in a way propitiating him to be benign.


It is believed that Chitra Gupta closely keeps track of the actions performed by everyone born on this earth and duly records them. Upon the death or the completion of the earthly sojourn of an individual’s, Chitra Gupta consolidates the accounts of a person and reports to Lord Yama for pronouncing the final judgment and deciding on the fate of the individual.


The name Chitra Gupta (Chitra – picture; Gupta – hidden) is highly significant meaning hidden picture. This meaning is suggestive of the important role performed by Chitra Gupta in the life of every individual. The event of Chitra Pournami reminds people that good and bad deeds will certainly fetch the corresponding consequences on people life after life. Therefore, people must always resort to doing good actions desisting from bad deeds. Also, the process of expiation and prayers shall relieve people of their sins and reduce the adverse impact of the bad deeds. 


Puranas or the story books of Hinduism narrate an incident when Indra or the head of gods grew egoistic once neglecting the words of his Guru or preceptor Brihaspati. Due to this he fell on evil ways and invited a lot of bad karma. Once he realized his mistakes, he took the advice of Brihaspati and performed a special worship to Lord Shiva on the Chitra Pournami day to get relieved of his sins.


Some famous shrines in India have dedicated shrines for Chitra Gupta. In all those temples, special pujas are offered on the Chitra Pournami day. Across the country, Chitra Pournami is celebrated in diverse ways and people worship their favorite deity either with a special puja at their home or by visiting the temple

Ways to dissolve your karma: The essence of worship on this day is the sincere effort to liberate yourself from the clutches of negative energies.

Various ways to dissolve karma:

  • On this day, you can meditate on the story of Indra and his Guru Brihaspati.
  • Worship Shiva or Chitragupta with incense, camphor, flowers.
  • Feed the poor and the needy.

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