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Worthy Trainer

The worthy trainer, by the power of yogic transmission, weakens the lower tendencies in the mind of the trainee and sows the seed of divine light in the innermost core of his heart. In this process the trainer uses his will-force, which has the Divine Infinite at his back. In a way, he is conscious of That, and he just focuses it through the lens of his goodwill upon the heart of the trainee.

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Respect Wisdom

So you people should learn how to use your freedom by giving it to somebody you trust in, somebody you can trust in not just because you like him, but because in your heart, he is trustworthy. I may not like to listen to him, but I should listen to him – like I don’t want to stop when the policeman puts up his hand – every car owner is rebellious. But if I don’t, I can run into an accident. So we must develop respect for authority, respect for guidance, respect for the wise, respect for the old, because they have passed though everything we have passed through

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We must have love for the past, hope for the future and work in the present. This must be my motto. This must be the motto of every one of you. Love for the past, which includes my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and everything else – my culture, my tradition; hope for the future, that a new world will come into being. Through whom? Through us – through children. You are the standard bearers of evolution: physical evolution, mental evolution and moral evolution



The real cause of anger is usually one’s own refractory temperament. A stubborn nature cultivated by the effect enshrouds one’s sense of judgement. The distinction between right and wrong having thus been lost, he remains rigidly fixed upon his views and allows no accommodation to others’ views. This is undoubtedly a serious block in the way of spirituality. One on the path of spirituality should necessarily be as light in mind and spirit as possible

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My Heart

Put the Master’s heart between you and everything else in this world, which is what Constant Remembrance should really be. That is the heart which must be even between you and your wife. When you say, “My heart”, – the husband may say it to the wife or the wife may say it to the husband – each one must look at the heart of the Master, which is between them, cementing them almost for eternity and guaranteeing that what passes between the two of them, even in the most intimate moments, is the true love of the Master

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Faith is really the foundation of the entire structure of spirituality. Faith in reality, faith in the right course you have adopted for realisation, faith in the worthy Master whom you have submitted to, this is the rock upon which you must build your edifice of spirituality if you really aim at success. You will thereby be possessed of an internal force strong enough to shatter all the forces of evil that might be surrounding you. It will help you to draw fresh divine impulse whenever you require it.



One cannot distinguish between the inner Master and outer master in any other way except to say that the external, physical Master cannot be eternal, because the body is subject to the laws of nature – though the essence of the Master is always eternal. When we allow our Master to enter our hearts and rule our existence, then that eternal essence takes abode in our hearts and we have the Master inside

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We progress from a partial approach to spirituality, starting with the four angas [limbs] – meditation, cleaning, prayer meditation, and constant remembrance – to a totality of emulation of the spiritual life of the great Master who has inducted us into this path: that physically we live like the Master, mentally we live like the Master, morally we emulate the Master, spiritually we must become like the Master

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Mental Complex

Give up the mental complex of ill-health. Consider yourself to be healthy; then alone will you find yourself healthy. A healthy man, if he persists in thinking himself to be ill, shall definitely be half ill at least. Do not give way to weakness. Man possesses everything of Nature, but he does not take it into account. A man must keep his eye fixed upon the object, and so it must be in respect of health, which is quite essential for the success of the pursuit.

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What is craving? It is of two kinds: One is of the lowest type and the other the highest. The lowest type of craving is that in which the temperament (heart) goes on overflowing. This is more beneficial in the beginning. The highest type of craving is that which Swami Vivekananda cited as … ‘hidden fire in the wood’. The purpose is that one should kindle oneself inwardly with love. There should be no excitement within. The real meaning of craving is attachment. The more fast the relationship, the more will be the attachment.”