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Change Agent

As long as human beings try to change the mundane level by operating on the mundane level, from within the mundane level itself, their efforts are doomed to failure. Therefore, when we come to the spiritual way and accept the spiritual Master, we seek his assistance at the highest possible level of existence – not at any intermediate levels. Because the highest level alone can change everything that is below it. And there we have the Master who is the Master of that highest existence. That is why on several occasions I have said he is the Master of change.



The method of meditation on the heart is to think of Godly light within it. When you begin meditating in this way, please think only that Godly light within is attracting you. Do not mind if extraneous ideas haunt you during meditation. Let them come, but go on with your own work. Treat your thoughts and ideas as uninvited guests. If even then they trouble you, think they are Master’s, not yours. This process of meditation is very effective and can never fail in bringing about the desired result.

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வாசித்ததில் நேசித்தது

வக்கீல் ஒருவர் ரயில்ல சென்று
கொண்டு இருந்தார்…

அப்போ சூப்பர் பிகர் ஒன்னு அவருக்கு முன்னாடி இருந்த சீட்ல வந்து உட்கார்ந்தாள்.. நம்மாளுக்கு செம குஷி… அந்த கேபின்ல அவங்க ரெண்டு பேரை தவிர வேற யாரும் இல்லைன்றதால லைட்டா நம்மாளு அந்த சூப்பர் பொண்ண நோட்டம் உட்டார்… அந்த பொண்ணும் மெதுவா அப்பப்போ இவர பாக்க… இளையராஜா பேக் ரவுண்டு வாசிக்க அப்டியே வானத்துல பறக்கற பீலிங்ல இருந்தார்… கொஞ்ச நேரம் கழிச்சு அந்த பொண்ணு இவர் இருந்த சீட் பக்கம் வந்து ஒக்கார… நம்மாளுக்கு சும்மா ஜிவ்வுனு இருந்தார்… அந்த பொண்ணு இவர்கிட்ட… ஒழுங்கு மரியாதையா உங்கிட்ட இருக்ற வாட்ச், மோதிரம், செயினு, பர்ஸ், கிரடிட் கார்டு எல்லாத்தையும் எடுத்து குடுத்துடு….இல்லேனா நீ என்னை பலவந்தமா பலாத்காரம் பண்ண ட்ரை பண்றேனு கத்தி சத்தம்போட்டு எல்லாரையும் கூப்டுருவேனு சொல்லிச்சாம் அந்த சூப்பர் பிகர்…

அவர் தான் வக்கீல் ஆச்சே… அதுக்கு நம்ம வக்கீல்.. பாக்கெட்டிலிருந்து ஒரு பேப்பர எடுத்து, எனக்கு காது கேக்காது, வாய் பேச வராது… நீங்க என்ன சொல்றிங்கனே எனக்கு புரில… நீங்க சொன்னத இதுல எழுதி காட்டுங்கனு எழுதி காட்டினார்… அந்த பொண்ணும் பேப்பர வாங்கி அவ என்ன சொன்னாலோ…. அதே மாதிரி அப்படியே எழுதி காட்டினாளாம்… அத வாங்கி பாக்கெட்ல வச்ச பின்னாடி நம்மாளு மெதுவா சொன்னாரு…. இப்போ கத்துடி பாக்கலாம்…!!!



Loved this short story today which made me ponder for a while…..

Zhao Zi Hao’s made it big in business so he spent money buying a piece of land in the suburbs and built a three-storey villa.

He had an impressive swimming pool in the garden with a hundred-year-old Lychee Tree in the backyard to boot. In fact, he bought the property precisely because of this tree. His wife loved eating lychees.

During renovations, his friends urged him to get guidance from a fengshui master, just to tread on the side of caution.

Zhao Zi Hao’s never quite believed in Fengshui yet surprising he took the advice to heart and went out of his way to engage a feng shui master from Hong Kong. The Grand Master was non other than Master Cao who’s been in the profession for thirty over years, renowned in the Fengshui circle. They had a meal in the city then Zhao Zi Hao drove the Master to the suburbs.

Along the way, when cars behind them tried to overtake, Zhao Zi Hao would simply give way.

The Master laughingly remarked: “Big Boss Zhao, your driving is really safe.” He spoke really fluent mandarin for a Hongkie.

Zhao Zhi Hao laughed at the remark: “Usually people who need to overtake have some urgent matter to attend to, so we shouldn’t hold them up.

Arriving at a small town the streets grew narrow and so Zhao Zi Hao slowed down.

A giggling child suddenly darted out from an alley and as the child ran across the street, Zao still didn’t speed up. Instead, he kept his gaze on the alley, as if waiting for something. Out of the blue, another child darted out, chasing after the child ahead.

Master Zao was surprised and asked: “How did you know there’d be another child following suit?”

Zhao Zi Hao shrugged: “Well, kids are always chasing after each other so it’s impossible for a child to be in such glee without a playmate.”

Master Cao gave him a big thumbs up and laughed out loud: “That’s really considerate of you!”

Arriving at the Villa, they got down from the car. Suddenly about seven to eight birds flocked from the backyard. Seeing so, Zhao said to Master Cao: “ If you don’t mind please wait here for a little while.”

“What’s the matter?” Master Cao was taken aback.

“Oh, there’s probably some kids stealing lychees in the backyard. If we walk in now we might give them a fright, let’s not risk anyone falling off the old Lychee Tree.” Zhao replied humorously.

Master Cao stayed silent for a while before stating matter-of-factly: “This home doesn’t need a fengshui evaluation anymore.”

Now it’s Zhao’s turn to be shocked: “Why’s that?”

“Any place graced with your presence naturally becomes the property with the most auspicious fengshui.”

When our minds prioritize others’ peace and happiness, the one who benefits is not just others, but ourselves too.

When a person is considerate of others at all times, then this person has unconsciously accomplished Buddhood.

The Buddha is in fact a person who through benefiting others becomes enlightened

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Why Meditate?

Meditation trains our mind to regulate itself and leads us beyond the outer activity into the inner silence of our hearts, where we find ourselves connected to our Divine essence. A balanced state develops in which we are less affected by the ups and downs of everyday life. Our natural capacity for wisdom and right action begins to manifest, allowing us to better prioritize the conflicting demands of life